Case Studies - Auto


Custom Publishing

Hyundai Motor Company


France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain



To celebrate the launch of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Metro International and Hyundai teamed up to produce a 44 page glossy World Cup Handbook. The idea was to reach as many football fans as possible across 5 key markets in Europe just before the tournament kicked off.


The Handbook was designed, produced and distributed by the Metro International team. Content and design was tailored according to each national team and translated into 5 different languages, 2.25 million copies were distributed across France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and UK in the week leading up to the launch of the tournament. Branded racks, also designed and produced by Metro, ensured high visibility both on-street and at Hyundai Fan Parks.




The campaign was a great success! An unprecedented 90% of respondents recognised Hyundai as the advertiser in unbranded
recall with 70% responding positively to the Handbook.


- 21% likely to go to the website

- 25% Will compare pricing

- 17% Likely to enquire at the dealership

- 13% Intend to book a test drive