Case Studies - Fashion


Glossy Gatefold

Emporio Armani


United Kingdom, France, Italy



Armani were looking to promote a unique underwear collection to coincide with key international tennis tournaments in France and Italy so we proposed a beautiful, magazine style, 6-page glossy gatefold cover wrap to be distributed in central areas of the capital cities of London, Rome and Paris. 40,000-75,000 copies were distributed by promoters in key locations in each targeted city (40,000 in Milan, 50,000 in Paris, 75,000 in London). Locations were carefully selected with the client and busy shopping districts and distribution points close to Emporio Armani retail outlets were chosen to maximise the impact of the campaign.  



- 60% of the respondents liked the advert

- 90% thought that the message was clear and easy to understand

- 35% of the respondents said they will find out more about the collection, after seeing the ad