Case Studies - Fashion


2014 World Cup multi market tactical campaign



UK, Spain, France and Italy



No other brand conveys the Brazilian spirit as much as Havaianas.


To celebrate the first day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Havaianas partnered with The Metro Network to run a tactical European campaign. The advert was designed to drive people to their online store where readers could purchase a special Havaianas suitcase. The suitcase contained essentials for a trip to Brazil including: flip flops, a beach towel, a CD of Brazilian music and a guide to how to be a ‘Carioca’ (a resident of Rio).


The message was displayed across a colorful and vibrant double page spread which invited the world join the huge party by saying:

‘Bem-Vindo ao Brasil’ meaning ‘Welcome to Brazil’.


The creative featured the core product of the brand, a giant, green and yellow flip-flop, representing the whole continent. The illustration shows different elements and images of the Brazilian diversity; iconic buildings, its traditions, the beaches, its people, nature and beauty.


Nine million people woke up to see this striking artwork positioned on the opening* double page spread  (page 2 and 3) of the newspapers.

*(except in the UK where it ran in the sports section)