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YSL Manifesto





Metro was chosen to help launch the Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto collection, (featuring Gisele Bündchen) based on its ability to target young fashion conscious women. A teaser campaign was conducted prior to the launch day which involved special chalked messages on pavements. These declared the launch date of Manifesto by YSL. On the day itself, Metro was tasked with distributing a specially produced newspaper, containing a photo shoot of Gisele Bündchen, in addition to a back page advertisement. To enhance the campaign, Metro employed female models who were branded in YSL clothing and handed out the newspaper in targeted areas of Paris.  



- 60,000 copies of the YSL Manifesto newspaper were distributed on the street of Paris

- Female readers were specifically targeted by our brand distributers

- Brand to hand distributers ensured the campaign was visible on the streets as well as int he newspaper