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Glossy Pop-up Gatefold

Nescafé Pop-Up Café





Nescafé wanted to showcase their brand as more than just a coffee brand, and highlight how Nescafé can help urbanites break through the loneliness of the morning commute and share a moment.


Partnering with Metronews, an innovative cross platform solution was developed, starting with an impactful and experiential gatefold unit with two in-built sampling coffee cups.  Readers only had to detach the coffee cups from the unit, pour hot water in the cups, and enjoy the perfect brew with a friend or colleague. 


The glossy gatefold was hand distributed by Metronews, geotargeting the print campaign to best suit Nescafé's objectives and target audience. A short video showcasing the print activity was then seeded digitally to amplify the campaign.