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Eu Anti-Tobacco Campaign

European Commission

The Metro Network was selected by the European Commission to help launch and promote its Anti-Tobacco campaign aimed at highlighting what smokers can gain from quitting by using ex-smokers and their achievements as role models.


Phase 1: The Metro Network helped launch the campaign by offering the EU a partial takeover of the newspaper on launch day. Four ad formats were published on day 1, with each ad increasing in size as the reader continued their journey through the newspaper. Running simultaneously across 16 EU member states, the Anti-Tobacco campaign reached over 5.5 million of the target audience on its launch. Driving readers through to a Facebook page, smokers were encouraged to sign up to a community of people trying to quit via iCoach, an online tool created to provide help and support. Readers who signed up to iCoach were offered the opportunity to become a spokesperson for the campaign – their prize: a photo shoot with world renowned photographer Ian Rankin and the chance to appear on the front cover of Metro in their home country.


Phase 2: A series of high impact cover wraps were created featuring the competition winners within each market. These showcased not only how great our winners looked but also shared their inspirational stories.


Phase 3: Tactical ads were used in the run up to the year end by presenting iCoach as the greatest gift that readers could receive or indeed give at Christmas – the gift of a life without smoking.

Campaign Results

People joined iCoach to follow their no smoking plan
active Users on Facebook