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European Commission

In order to coincide with World Immigration Day, the EU funded a project with the aim of giving immigrants in various member states a bigger voice in the media. Metro collaborated with the EU in order to give those immigrants the opportunity to voice their side of the story in a national media outlet, namely the Metro newspaper.


Seven EU member states were chosen to take part in this project: Italy, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic and Belgium. Local NGO’s organised for immigrants with little or no experience of journalism to be given journalistic workshops and advice with the aim of writing editorial pieces that highlighted the lives of immigrants living within their adopted countries.

These editorial pieces were created in collaboration with local Metro journalists and designers and they were put together into a 4 or 8 page supplement which appeared in the centre pages of the Metro newspaper.


Printed on World Immigration Day, these custom publishing features ensured that stories from a cross-section of the community that would not ordinarily be heard were given a powerful platform to air their views.