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Out-of-Home Mega LED screens

Wonderful Indonesia


Beijing, Shanghai



Indonesian Ministry of Tourism (MOT) wanted to let affluent city dwellers in Beijing and Shanghai know about the stunning landscape and rich culture of Indonesia and to increase their desire to choose Indonesia for their next holiday destination. Hence the MOT has partnered with TMN to launch their Wonderful Indonesia international branding campaign in China.


Planned and brought by TMN out of London directly into China utilising some of the top Out-of-Home (OOH) LED screens in Beijing and Shanghai, Wonderful Indonesia campaign covered the most prosperous Central Business Districts in both cities reaching millions of affluent Chinese on a daily basis.



1. Metro-city screen, Xujiahui CBD, Shanghai

Screen Size: 40 metres wide

Daily Reach: 2,400,000


2. Grand Gateway screen, Xujiahui CBD, Shanghai

Screen Size: 147m²

Daily Reach: 2,400,000


Located in the southwestern part of Shanghai, Xujiahui CBD is one of the four major central shopping and business districts in Shanghai with a proliferation of high-end shopping centres and department stores. Oriental Business Tower screen, Metro-City screen, Grand Gateway screen and Pacific Department Store screen are located on iconic buildings in Xujiahui which have been known to locals for a long time.


The screens sit in the intersection of Hong Qiao Lu, Hua Shan Lu and Zhaojiabang Lu where there are extremely high traffic passing through this core transportation hub to get around the city every day.


Metro-City screen together with the other three screens can deliver China's most impactful interactive campaigns. 



3. Jingxin Building screen, East 3rd Ring Road CBD, Beijing

Screen Size: 759m²

Daily Reach: 3,746,000


3rd Ring road is one of the most crucial transportation links covering the whole of Beijing city centre. Located at east 3rd Ring Road, Jingxin Building screen is facing the direction of traffic delivering millions of impacts every day. Jingxin Building is in close proximity to premium office buildings that house many of the Fortune 500 companies, the World Financial Centre, Government Organizations, China’s national TV station – CCTV Headquarter, luxury department stores, 5 star hotels and key international embassies. 


With its massive screen size, outstanding visual effects, high screen resolution, wide visual angle, exceptional location, Jingxin Building screen has been known as “the gateway to Beijing”. 



4. Blue Island screen, East 2nd Ring Road CBD, Beijing

Screen Size: 402m²

Daily Reach: 2,200,000


The screen covers one of the most prosperous East 2nd Ring Road CBD plus the surrounding Chaoyangmen business district, Chaowai business district, the new CBD, the Embassy business district and Sanlitun business district. There are also a number of high-end office buildings and shopping malls nearby including Kuntai Buildin, Jinqi Building, Baifu Intl’ Building, Beijing Dongfang Gongxiao Building, SOHO Shangdu Office Building, Chaowai SOHO, Guanghua Rd SOHO, Fulllink Plaza, World City and Fortune Shopping Centre etc. providing significant coverage of affluent audience. 


5. Parkson Dept. Store screen, Huaihai Road CBD, Shanghai

Screen Size: 203m²

Daily Reach: 2,020,000


Huaihai Road is one of the two major shopping streets in Shanghai, China; the other one is Nanjing Road. Compared with the more touristic Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road is more upscale, and is the preferred destination of local residents. Huaihai Road comprises three sections, the main section being Middle Huaihai Road in the former French Concession of Shanghai where the screen is located at.



See below for the video campaign on Metro-City screen...


Data source: CTR Report for Wonderful Indonesia Campaign, 2017

Campaign Reach Rate
Audience thought the ad drove them to look up relative information about Indonesia.
Audience showed interest of travelling to Indonesia after seeing the ad.