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El Mundo

The second largest daily newspaper in Spain.

El Mundo, Spanish for “The World”, was founded in 1989 by Alfonso de Salas, Pedro J. Ramírez, Balbino Fraga and Juan González. Editorially, it often expresses the mainstream views of the Spanish right with independent and liberal overtones. The El Mundo website offers much more than a simple online version of the daily. It features a number of sub-publications including: Metrópoli, a guide to leisure in the Spanish capital and YoDona, a women’s title, which offers a range of blogs on various themes. The average circulation of El Mundo is 233,770 and the readership 1,219,000.





National, Madrid, Andalucia, Baleares, Castilla y León, Catalunya, Galicia, Levante, País Vasco

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